Travel Insurance

World’s Best Adventures is now pleased to offer WBA TRAVEL INSURANCE to add to your trip! Now you can protect yourself financially and have some peace of mind if your travel plans get interrupted.

Insurance is a flat non-refundable $100 per trip, per traveler.


Your travel insurance policy allows for a 100 percent refund of your WBA vacation based on the following situations:

  • Serious, disabling illness that prohibits travel for either you or your travel partner(s) – You must provide a doctor’s note along with your claim. Pre-existing and mental health conditions are NOT covered.
  • If your trip is canceled due to unforeseeable natural events –
    • Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, widespread flooding, widespread fire, winter storms (must have purchased insurance within 30 days of trip to be eligible for refund)
      • WBA Travel Insurance will determine the date an event becomes “known and foreseeable,” thus not covered by your insurance plan. Contact your provider for details.
    • If you are required to serve on jury duty during the scheduled trip. Must provide copy of summons.
    • Urgent health alerts as issued by the World Health Organization and/or Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, as well as the local and/or state governments of the destination.
    • World’s Best Adventures goes out of business or otherwise can’t conduct the scheduled trip.

Cancellation due to known, foreseeable, or expected events, government prohibitions, warnings, or travel advisories, or fear of attending an event are generally not covered. However, until further notice, we are currently accommodating claims for Event Cancellation and Interruption if a customer becomes ill with COVID-19 or if a trip must be canceled due to destination regulations/health concerns.

Customers may opt to change their plan’s effective dates to cover a new or rescheduled trip.


Your travel insurance policy allows for a partial or full refund in the event you are already on your designated trip and must end it for the following reasons:

  • Serious, disabling illness or injury of you or your travel companion that requires you to leave the trip prior to it being over –
    • If you need to be taken to the nearest hospital (for emergency services only) or find a ride home if necessary due to injury/illness, the cost of your travel arrangements will be covered up to the maximum value of your WBA vacation. This only applies to the insured; any arrangements for an uninsured travel companion will be their responsibility.
    • The death of your travel partner, or an immediate family member who is not traveling with you. The cost of your travel arrangements will be covered up to the maximum value of your WBA vacation.