Vacationing with your dog

One thing’s for sure … Americans LOVE their dogs! Around 63 percent of U.S. households have at least one dog, according to a 2019-20 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. And, out of those, around 40 percent of dog owners will bring their pooch on vacation with them. Hey, Fido needs a break, too!

Here’s a look at some steps you should take to make sure both you and your furry friend have a great vacation together!

  • Assess your pet’s personality. The truth is, animals have their own personalities and comfort levels. If your dog is high-strung or prone to anxiety, a vacation (which is a huge disruption to routine) may not be the best option for them. This is especially true if you’re getting on a plane … getting checked in and put in cargo can be a really stressful situation for even the most laidback dog, so it’s important to carefully consider that your fur friend may be more comfortable being boarded or staying with a pet sitter.
  • Make sure your dog is healthy! All pet owners should be sure their dog is up-to-date on his vaccinations, and don’t forget to pack any needed medications for your trip. It’s also not a bad idea to research your destination and find an emergency vet to have a number on hand.
  • Update their IDs. Make sure your information on your pet’s ID tag is updated (same if they are microchipped).
  • Buckle that seatbelt. Securing your dog on a road trip keeps the driver from being distracted and helps keep the dog calm. It also helps keep everyone safe and contained for the possibility of a car accident. A crate that is buckled down is the safest option, though there are also multiple seatbelt and leash attachments available in stores.
  • Use that leash! Even the best-trained dogs that never leave their owners’ sides can become confused and disoriented in a strange location. Do not let dogs run loose in strange environments – not only for their safety, but also because many locations have leash laws in place.
  • Visit some pet-friendly spots. Many cities can be very dog friendly – peek around and see if you can find some restaurants with outdoor patios for Rover, or maybe even a nearby dog park.

With just a little extra planning, you and your dog can have an epic vacation together! What are some tips YOU have for traveling with pets? Drop us a line below in the comments!

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